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Q :- Are colored diamonds natural and are colored diamonds real?

A :-
The colored diamonds sell by the SHREE INTERNATIONAL (HK) LTD are 100% real, natural colored diamonds.

Q :- Which colored diamonds are the rarest?

A :-
All natural fancy color diamonds are rare but natural red color is by far the rarest color of colored diamonds after red would be blue, green and pink.

Q :- When is a colored diamond a “fancy color diamond”?

A :-
On GIA colored diamond reports, colored diamonds are graded in order of increasing color strength from Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, and Fancy to Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep. Fancy Vivid and Fancy Deep generally command the highest prices.

Q :- How do colored diamonds get their color?

A :-
During diamond formation different traces of minerals and particulates result in different hues, as well as different intensities of those hues result in different color.

The chemistry of colored diamonds :

Each gem has its own unique story to tell, but all colored diamonds owe their appearance to several fundamental scientific reaction as follow :

  • Yellow and Orange color : The nitrogen atoms within these diamonds have assembled themselves in such a way that blue light is absorbed and yellowish hues are reflected and a specific grouping of nitrogen atoms is also responsible for the shading of orange diamonds, but will absorb light in both the blue and yellow spectrums.

  • Pink and Red color : When the stones are still embedded in the earths crust,Intense heat and pressure cause there crystal lattice to distorts and absorb a particular band of green light rays. Ultra-rare red diamonds, which are essentially just deeply colored pink diamonds, have the same cause of color.

  • Green color : It's not until the last leg of their journey to the earth's surface that diamonds get their green color. Just as they are about to leave the uppermost layer of the crust, these stones absorbs naturally occurring radiation, which causes them to reflect a green hue by absorbing red and yellow light.

  • Blue color : Boron is the active ingredient in blue colored diamonds, bonding with carbon to absorb red, yellow and green light.

  • Purple and Violet color : Purple colored diamonds are also the product of lattice distortion, but emerging evidence suggests that the presence of hydrogen may also contribute to their shading.

Q :- What cut proportions are best for a fancy color diamond?

A :-
Fancy color diamonds are usually cut to maximize the intensity of their color rather than to maximize light return. The best cut is one that gives the most attractive face-up color.

Q :- When does yellow become a positive color factor?

A :-
In the GIA color-grading scale, diamonds that have more color than a Z grade are fancy light yellow. However, lighter shades of fancy yellow diamonds are often more affordable than colorless diamonds, although they are more rare.

Q :- Why are there two kinds of GIA colored diamond reports?

A :-
The GIA Colored Diamond Grading Report contains the same comprehensive diamond 4Cs information as the GIA Diamond Grading Report, while the GIA Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report (the “color-only report”) is limited to color grade and the origin of the color (natural or treated).

Q :- What is the most popular kind of fancy diamond jewelry?

A :-
Designers and consumers who purchase these rare and expensive colored stones usually opt for fancy diamond rings and pendants. A dramatic rings and pendant is best for showing off the stone’s beauty and color.

Q :- Are fancy diamonds going to become more popular in the future?

A :-
Yes, fancy diamonds will definitely become trendier in the coming years. They are already on the rise in Asian markets. A shift in purchasing habits towards unique, personalized pieces coupled with the fact that colored diamonds will always be as rare as they are now will cause fancy diamonds to be more and more desirable.

What’s your favorite color of fancy diamond? Do you have more fancy diamond questions for us? Feel free to share your comments and questions.

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